lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

Dora Levin (1911-2010)

Dora Birnbach was born on September 20, 1911 to a Jewish orthodox family in the town of Sokolov, Poland. Even from a young age she rejected religion and the rigid religious lifestyle. In her youth, she ran away from home, joined the Zionist-Socialist youth movement and in 1933 immigrated to Palestine to Kibbutz ‘Ein-Hachoresh’. On the Kibbutz she encountered the reality in Palestine – the conflict between Zionist colonization and the indigenous Palestinian people – this caused her to reject the Kibbutz and Zionism.
After she left the Kibbutz, she lived in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv and worked as a construction worker, as a cleaner and also studied nursing.
In 1936 she was arrested (by the British rulers) for activity in RGO, the trade union that was alternative to the “Histadrut”, the main Zionist trade union in Palestine that accepted only Jews as members.
She was imprisoned in the Beth-lehem prison for women. In the prison she heard for the first time about the War in Spain. When The British expelled her from Palestine in 1937, she decided to continue her struggle for socialism and democracy in the struggle to defend the Spanish republic.
(extracto de la biografía de Dora Levin escrita por Eran Torbiner)
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